Butterfly Dignics 05 Ref. BTYG289

Raise your game
Dignics guides your game to a higher level. The combination of a new and improved Spring
Sponge X technology with an advanced surface sheet and "Code 05" pimples structure
provide increased grip with the feeling of literally “holding the ball” on impact. Dignics 05
features additional elasticity, precision and spin performance of the highest order.
Recommended for the most modern offensive table tennis with focus on spin – Dignics 05
will raise your game to new heights.
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Productnaam Prijs Aantal
  Butterfly Dignics 05 rood 1.9
€ 79,90
  Butterfly Dignics 05 rood 2.1
€ 79,90
  Butterfly Dignics 05 zwart 1.9
€ 79,90
  Butterfly Dignics 05 zwart 2.1
€ 79,90

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Country of Manufacture Japan
Soort OFF
Thickness Nee
Pimples Rubbers
Hardness Hard
Kleur Nee
Butterfly technology High Tension, Spring Sponge

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