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Nieuw blade harimoto ALC Kliek Hier

Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce Layer ALC Ref. BTYG7269

The official blade of Harimoto
The new Harimoto Tomokazu was developed in close cooperation with the Japa¬nese
superstar, who is already using it with great success. The composition of 5 plies of natural
wood combined with 2 ALC fibers directly above the core veneer (Innerforce Technology)
allow for a softer touch and increased ball dwell time during topspin play. The Harimoto
Tomokazu features increased ease-of-play while maintaining the popular stability, precision
and punch of an Arylate-Car¬bon blade.

5 Ply Wood + 2 ALC
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Productnaam Prijs Aantal
  Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce Layer ALC Anatomic
€ 149,90
  Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce Layer ALC Concave
€ 149,90
  Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce Layer ALC Straight
€ 149,90

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Gluing = lijmen
None = Nee, bedankt
Forehand = Voorhand
Backhand = Rughand
Edge tape = Afplakband

Lacquering = lakken
Country of Manufacture Japan
Handles Nee
Soort OFF
Lagen 5+2
Frame type Nee
Butterfly technology Arylate-carbon

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